bill kaminski

OK, I am about done w/the latest box. Combo of walnut and hard maple. Lots of this combo, out there, but the first time I have used any maple. It has some figure, not a lot,so I would like to accent it, without any coloring, or yellowing. What do I use? TIA
I've used a yellow dye in the past with good results - providing you like the color. Normally I use an oil as a base coat and finish with an oil based varnish.

This shows the dye
This is oil
There is a shellac called "platinum blonde" that does almost no color, but does seem to bring out the least to my eyes. I've a pic of a test piece below, on the right side of the blue mark is the platinum shellac. Shellac is colorfast so it won't change over time, but the wood might.platinum2xs.JPG