Most Dangerous Power Tool?

All this post are giving me the creeps:eek: .

There are statistics around that show clearly, that most accidents happen due to unattention, rush in trying to get things done to fulfill a deadline and lack of prevention. There are unexpected and unavoidable ones that are not related to the user of the tool himself but those are the least ones.

Sharp tools, powered or not, are less dangerous than dull tools, all of us know that.
Trying to develop an extra par of arms when we do not have them instead of waiting for somebody's help to do something that requires those extra arms. Unproperly fixed or supported pieces and not well maintaned machines etc. etc. can lead to an accident.
Not wearing safety googles can lead to have chip or your eye. Oh yeah! wood piercings are fashionable:( and after to make such a short cut...

Accidents happen due to the conjunction of different reasons, not just for one, and the most common one is too much confidence, the typical comment after an accident is " I can't understand how it happenned, I knew it was (a bit) dangerous but I've done it that way thousand times".

We all know the saying " measure twice cut once " I would change it to "measure twice, think thrice how are you going to do it and then cut once"

And after cutting count your fingers:)

To finish, this I could say that to me the most dangerous tool is one's brain.

My five cents.