Plant Stand/Window Table

Ted Calver

Staff member
Yorktown, Virginia
The new kitties were using the potted plants sitting under the south facing windows as a jungle jim, making more mess for me to police up. To try and slow them down I cobbled together a plant stand/window table over the weekend using a wide poplar board that has been getting in the way, some SteelTek fittings, Tractor Supply goat panel, and some really nice straight grained doug fir two by fours a friend gifted me. Roughly 4' tall, with 2@ 22" wide by six feet long shelves and a 1"x 22"x 7' top.
The poplar board was purchased the a few years ago on a whim, just because I hadn't seen anything that wide and thought it might come in handy. It was rough sawn and a tad over an inch thick. The heartwood had that greenish color typical of yellow poplar. I decided to leave the saw marks and just sand it down to 80 grit.
IMG_9475.jpeg, IMG_9473.jpeg.

Hit it twice with Transtint redish brown in DNA, which darkened up the heartwood.
IMG_9477.jpeg,IMG_9479.jpeg .
Then two coats of Total Boat Halcyon marine varnish, first coat clear and second coat satin. That gave it a distinctively cherry look, which passed muster by the missus.
IMG_9485.jpeg, IMG_9490.jpeg.
Added the top to the pipe frame via floor flanges, bottom adjustable shelf is doug fir 2x. Middle adjustable shelf was supposed to be Tractor Supply horse panel (2"x4" heavy duty wire grid) to let light get to the bottomm shelf, but none available near me so I used some goat panel (4"x4" grid).
This triples the potted plant space and so far the kitties have stayed away. I was concerned the top would sag over time and may have to add a center support at some future date. So far so good. It moves easily on felt sliders under the floor flanges. Casters might be another future option. There's also room to hang LED plant lights. Fits right in with our "eclectic" decor :rofl: .
IMG_9495.jpeg, IMG_9496.jpeg ,IMG_9502.jpeg .
Having kittens around right now I can speak from experience, you just gave them a wonderful jungle gym to play on. :)
So far, they’ve only explored the bottom shelf. The top is still a bit far and they can’t figure out how to navigate the goat panel. As curious and clever as they are it won’t be long before we hear a crash. :rofl::wave: