Roboforming, anyone?

I just watched the beginning, but I will watch it later. I love manufacturing.

My first entry in manufacturing engineering in 1987 was to learn CNC on a fully automated manufacturing making timing gears for a GM V6 engine. On that line there were a few GM/Fanuc fully articulated robotc and I was the guy to learn the programming. It was a very cool experience.
I realized after I posted this that this video may go into more depth that a lot of the folks here are interested in. That said, I still recommend the Smarter Every Day channel. His multi-part series on the US Coast Guard is great, as is the series on the Navy. With over 11 million subscribers, Destin now has enough recognition that organizations (like the Navy) invite him to visit and make videos about them. Your average Joe doesn't get invited to spend the night on a nuclear submarine and then go breaking through the polar ice cap. ;)