SKETCHUP Tut--Mirroring

Man, I've been hoping for a mirroring lesson. There've been many times when I wanted to do it, but couldn't figure out how. I see you clicking the scale tool, but I got lost trying to see how you flipped the second piece. Can you add some text here to describe what you're doing? I'm sure I'm just missing a basic step. :thumb:
Vaughn, sorry it wasn't that clear. Here's the steps.

Select the component.

Select the Scale tool.

Put the cursor on one of the green handles. It turns red. You have to figure out which handle you want but it's going to be the center on one side parallel to the mirroring plane.

Hold the Ctrl key. This makes the scaling occur about the center of the component.

Push the red handle toward and through the center.

Let go of everything.

Now type -1 (minus one)

Press Enter.

Does that work?

Note, you can use the mirror function on several components at once. This is what I did to correct some edge components after the grille tutorial file I posted.