Smoker upgrades

Darren Wright

Staff member
Springfield, Missouri
Yes, already.

As mention on my original post, the power supply that came with my smoker was dead on arrival. They have shipped me a new one, but it’s basically a power brick with a cigarette lighter plug on it. To say the least it, it feels a bit janky, and storing it and the other cables is an organization problem I need to tackle. Don’t get me wrong though, I like the idea of the 12v setup and it works.

So after some googling of what others have done for storing the cord/brick, I found a few folks that just mounted a 12v transformer in the bottom of the control box. So I decided to go that route.

I didn’t cut any wires, just created a patch cord to tie into the factory connections.

Like the others, I used an 120v RV input socket, mounted in the back of the box. I did add a fuse to my setup though.

Works well and can still use a 12v connection if need be, for power outages or tailgating.

I also added some additional wire screening to block out the mud daubers and other critters.
IMG_5667.jpeg IMG_5668.jpeg

And closed off a pretty good gap. I’ll be using some left overs on a few tools and other things in the garage to block them out of those.

Lastly I added some door felt to cut down on the smoke blowing out around the door.
IMG_5670.jpeg IMG_5671.jpeg

I ran a test tonight, but it got dark before I finished the cook, thank goodness for the built in light.
IMG_5672.jpeg IMG_5673.jpeg