Some fun pictures

Well here is the very last batch of pics from this trip. She sent them from the Airport in Victoria Falls While waiting for here first leg of the journey home. She is flying to Johannasberg. The on to Frankfort. From there She'll Fly to Chicago and Finally Home to Phoenix, arriving here @ 7:370 tomorrow evening. Anyhow enjoy the pictures, it's been fun sharing them with you all
The last picture are wild dogs, she said they saw them two days in a row and she has been told that it is rare that they are seen. The Lioness in the forth picture is munching on a young Impala.
Well Pams Gone back to her place in Flagstaff for a few days, she got a few things to take care of before she comes back down for a few more days. I did get a bunch of more pictures from her but I wont bore you with the detail. I now have almost 400 pictures of her trip. I am organising them into a slide show for my big screen TV. They do look great on a 75 Inch screen while enjoying a glass of wine with a lovely lady telling you all about them. She was thrilled to find out that you all enjoyed her travels.