Swap received :):)

Bob Gibson

Merrimack, New Hampshire
Man o man Ryan, you make good stuff :score::score:

These are like my fancy carving knives that I only use on very special occasions and never ever let anyone else use them.

I did have to try them out though. I had to lay out some mortises on a Christmas gift for a friend.

I'm almost tempted to try my hand again at dovetails :thumb:

Thanks Bob, if you're happy, I'm happy!

I was definitely using this as an excuse to learn and try new things so imho in the long run I'm the real winner here :D I do kind of enjoy making tools, its sort of the best of all worlds for me.

In that light, definitely do give the dovetails another shot - a dozen or so in they start getting to be not to bad. Take some scraps and just keep cutting the dovetails off and re-doing them until they look reasonable (or some facsimile of reasonable in my case :rofl:). And please do remember that little wedges work wonders for filling the gaps, especially in darker wood like walnut, why its almost like they weren't even there ;)
Geez... that is what I call a great marking set! :rolleyes: That set will give you tons of pleasure, so don't let sit idle in that box, it is shouting for projects to participate!!
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