Tormek LA-120 strop accessories on a Grizzly slow speed grinder.

Brent Dowell

Staff member
Reno NV
(pulled from original thread from here)

I recently ordered a set of the accessory Tormek Strops, LA-120.

The only problem is, the tormek has a larger shaft, so you need an adapter to make it work in the grizzly grinder.

The tormek has M12x1.75 threads, and the Grizz has M8x1.25 threads. I tried to find an adapter somewhere online, but no luck. Supposedly, they are available out there on the internet, but I could not find them.

No problem, just bought an M12x1.75 bolt at the borg, cut part of it off.

I put that part in a drill chuck on my lathe, took the drill chuck out of my drill press, put a drill bit in that chuck, put it on the other end of the lathe.

I put my lathe at the lowest speed I could and then used it to drill the hole in the middle of the bolt.

After that it was a simple matter of just running a tap through it and bingo, a home made adapter. Works great!