Unique Combination Machine - ever seen a Reypo?

Jack Vines

If you've been there, you'll understand why I just had to have this little jewel



The fun thing about playing with machinery is I learn something new every day. Even though I already have a Delta lathe, a big table saw, six grinders and two drill presses, but I just had to have this baby to play with for a while. Wonder how is it such a unique, interesting and solidly-built machine has flown under the OWWM radar for all these years?

The Reypo is just a really unique design with some clever features. It has even more presence on the bench than in the photos. The main body with motor weighs all I could carry. The table saw/grinder table is medium-size, but the DP and lathe are large enough and heavy enough to do full-size work. The lathe/saw/grinder spindle bearings are a foot apart and the lathe chuck thread is inch-and-a-quarter with a #2MT center. Even though it is called "Model Master", it is 67" long end-to-end and looks to be able to turn 36" between centers. This is real beef.





Anyone ever seen a Reypo? Any dirty paper on one? Parts?

thnx, jack vines
Now, that is a really neat machine, Hobby Craft at its best, :thumb:

I too never saw one before and OWWM had no clue? :huh:
I've combed the net far and wide and posted the pics on six fora. NOBODY thus far has ever seen or heard of a Reypo. So far, the only negative is it takes up about six feet of bench space.

thnx, jack vines
Somewhere back down the line I have "Seen" one of those, (or SOMETHING very close to that), and for the life of me, I CANNOT remember WHERE I saw it. I only remember seeing it sitting in a shop somewhere. I remember thinking, Gee, that's kinda neat. :huh::huh::huh::dunno:
So, I gave it a tune-up and a lube job and new belts, replaced a missing crank handle on the tailstock hand wheel and it's good to go.

I did figure out it's missing one table. The front post, which has a rack gear and the angle gauge is there, but the back post and the table are MIA. The seller didn't think he had ever had it. Whatdaya figure the chances of finding another table are, given no one has ever even seen a Reypo Model Master before? Wish I could find an advertisement or a brochure, just so I could see what the missing table was supposed to do. We know it raised and lowered, because the rack and pinion is there.


The table which is there
tilts, but doesn't raise/lower, so maybe it is for the grinding wheel and the missing table is for the saw. But, then, do grinding tables usually have a miter gauge?

thnx, jack vines
We actually inherited. One and is trying to price it. We know it runs and believe we have all the pieces to it. So far it's just taken up space in our shop and collected dust. So if anyone know what they are running for that would be helpful. Also where the market to sell one would be?