Warped door

Hi Guys.
I am working on a cabinet that I started a year ago. I had all the pieces cut since then and now when I made a dry fit one of the doors is warped or curved, quite badly (see pic)

At first I was scared, but after double checking everyhting I found that it seemed so bad because I fixed it with a clamp on one side rather than rest it where it should rest, so finally it is only slightly warped, about the thickness of a credit card on one side,(left) and half of it on the other side (right). So the lateral sides are curved upwards.
I am thinking about flatenning the back on my jointer, but I am not sure wether it is the best solution. Another idea is to mimic the inclination of the side on the vertical pillar of the cabinet to compensate it, but I think it will lead to worse problems.
What would you do?
Thanks in advance
PS I will post the whole thing when I finish it.
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Ryan Mooney

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The Gorge Area, Oregon
Since it set a while I'd probably let it rest for a week or so and see if the rest of the warp comes out some on it's own as the wood relaxes.

That's also in the amount of warp that you *might* be able to pull out. Dampen the inside of the curve just slightly and clamp it to a flat surface with a couple of shims a couple mm higher than the warp under the bulging side (3 credit cards maybe :)).

Failing all of that.. it's not a lot of wood to remove and 9 times out of 10 I'd get a bit to far in with the jointer so I'd be more apt to sneak up on it with a fine set smoothing plane checking frequently. I think in that case I'd remove a smidge from the bulging side so it fit mostly tight and flat then work the protruding edges checking fit pretty often (or possibly planing to match with it clamped into the body of the cabinet if possible).