Welcome Mark Rios!

Dang Stu, you're fast. :D

Welcome aboard, Mark. Your presence here will help take the load off me. It's good to know I won't have to run the corny joke department by myself. ;)
Thanks very much, Stu. I guess my PM to you was a little premature and unnecessary. :D

Thanks very much for the invite Don. It's good to see some old familiar names in here. Sorely missed you all were. I was missing Tod chewing me out for trying to get my Uni too perfectly flat and hearing his tales of machinery workings , for one. Glad to see ya Tod.

Thanks to you as well, Vaughn. Nice to see ya.

Is Marty here? Is his shop finished?

I see a Brian Buckley as a member? Is he related to my ol' buddy Von?

How do we post pics here. Is it the same as over at the Creek?

One more question?.......When should I expect Ken S. to show up?;)

I read the TOS as requested. Let me get this straight; I'll not be allowed to call Andy Hoyt an effing poo-poo head for complaining about me posting naked pics of republican monks while posting said pics under the handle of, "Scratchin' Urass". Is that correct? Did I get the gist of it? :D :D :D

Hey, it already feels like home here. :cool:

Thanks very much again and a big ol' HELLO to all from Central CA!
Did I get something pulled already?????.... :rolleyes:

I had responded to Lee's post. Maybe I didn't hit the right submot button or something.

Maybe Tyler would loan him a thong.

I am NOT going to wear Tyler's thong!!!

:D :D :D

Thanks for all the warm welcomes. And welcome right back at you all.

Is Marty here? Is his shop finished?


Thanks very much again and a big ol' HELLO to all from Central CA!


Greetings and Salutations,

Marty IS here, and no, unfortunately my shop isn't finished. I haven't slowed down any, and I'm working on putting together "Birth of a Shop, the final episode". I've not stopped taking pictures, and will be posting soon. That should test our bandwidth usage, huh? :rolleyes:

In the mean time, keep all these folks on their toes, will ya? ;)

- Marty -