winter is coming...need wood?

larry merlau

Delton, Michigan
we got some of those walnut slabs looking for a home still..and i could use the space..:)






also have some spare lumber for that specail project your wanting to do but dont have the wood for it yet:) drop me a pm and we can make a deal:)

well i sold another slab, so i updated this ad.. if your looking for a slab and these arnt it drop me a pm and i can possibly come up with what you are looking for..Thanks
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we can add some cherry, red oak, ash, white oak, butternut, hard maple, soft maple or some ugly walnut for frosting on this cake:) just drop me a pm and we can talk:)
steve, you cant possibly have any room left:) after the tool hauls and the stuff yu got of right now there isnt any going anywhere.. must be they think its joke:huh::huh:
well mohammad,, i am not a mister:) larry to my friends:D:D and you to can have some of this wood just pm me and the delivery truck will get it as close as he can..

Well! Larry, regretfully I must decline this time. If wood shows up at my doorsteps then I will have to spend the night with it outside the apartment. My wife is small but she can be fierce.
Larry, let me see if I am interpreting the numbers on #1 correctly.
35 = 35" at the widest point
64 = 64" long (5' 4" long/tall)
10/4 = 10/4 thick (2 1/2" thick)
18 1/2 = 18 1/2" at the narrowest end

Would this be accurate?

If so, just measured where Lou wants a bar top (she saw one out of a piece like these and loved it) so number 2 is long enough for me to trim to fit, number one is exactly the measurement that I need so it might end up short. Do we haggle here or in a pm?
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rennies wood:)

well i have been busy doing tree work and rennie called and asked about some straight grained white oak i dug some out today and cleaned it up for him here is a sample:)
tn_rennies wood 002.jpg