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Thread: a couple of new friends

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    a couple of new friends

    Another new wood turner came to visit me a few days ago. He wanted to play with my hollowing set-up and I planned to show him a little about chainsaws since he was uncomfortable with them although he had used a box store toy saw before.

    I got the saw out and set up to sharpen with my Grandberg guide before he got there planning a few minutes with chainsaw instruction and maybe a couple cuts then moving on to turning. My main saw is a Makita 6401, AKA Dolmar 6400. A bit heavy but 64cc's and I have bumped the compression and timing and have razor sharp full chisel Stihl chain on it.

    I dressed my guest out in helmet with face shield and ear muffs and my Labonville chaps then worked on body position a little. He made three cuts with my saw and said, "OK, I'm not buying a cheap saw!" or words to that effect. We spent quite a bit of time with the saw. It wasn't wasted time, he went home with a half-dozen or so bowl blanks. We ran out of things to cut so I finally wrested the chainsaw away from him in time to let him have a quick look at the hollowing tool before he had to leave! He had quite a time with my other new friend too.

    I was over at my brother's mowing when I spied movement in the underbrush.(we were a bit behind on the mowing) Easing up I saw a lot of hair and some snarling white fangs! As I approached it begin climbing a small hill and by the time I got to it, it had reached a level with my throat and face. Not being the timid sort I reached a hand towards the growling snarling creature of unknown origin. It was possibly a semi-mythical chimera, could have been about anything. After some careful maneuvering I managed to capture it.

    The next problem was that I had rode a lawn tractor from my house the several hundred yards from my house to my brother's land. How was I going to handle the mower and keep this beast under control? It was quite a feat and I will admit there were times when he nearly reached my throat and once he made it to my shoulder. The picture shows what he looked like after a trip to the groomers a few days later. Nobody willing to claim him so he has a home here for awhile and if I can't keep him a couple of back-up homes with good people.

    Took awhile to figure out a name. I called him a few things but none too complimentary. Fortunately I had watched The Good The Bad and The Ugly recently so I named him Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramirez. A lot of name for such a little fellow but it sounded better than The Rat and that is what Eastwood said Tuco was known as.


    The ball is a little smaller than a tennis ball for scale. The vet says he is about six months old.
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    Tough guy by the looks of him. But cute. Does he have a problem with his left eye?

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    It has a quite determined stare. Geez... I wouldn't like to be that ball.
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    You're lucky coulda been a chupacabra!

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    His eyes are fine. He has white hair and pink skin around one eye and brown hair and black skin around the other eye. It does make them look different and at first glance like he might have an eye problem even looking at him in the flesh. The image is a stop or two overexposed, makes the moisture in that eye look like matter too. His eyes are sharp and clear, he seems healthy on all counts.

    He is one of the dust mop breeds or crossbreeds, he had hair three inches long or longer but hopelessly matted. Not sure if I will keep him puppy clipped as long as he is here or not. He is an outside dog all day and the grooming might be too much if I let him be a long haired freaky people hippie type.


    He acts more like a little terrier than a yap yap dog. He isn't afraid of anything on four legs or four wheels. My sister has a two year old Great Dane, Tuco wasn't impressed. Might be a problem, he isn't scared of anything on four legs or four wheels. I have to be careful with him around, running engines don't impress him at all no matter what the equipment is!


    I was thinking he might be more like one of the gremlins in the movie. Cute and cuddly one day, a monster the next! So far he is proving to be part monster. I thoroughly weighted down the tarp over my wood in the back yard, I see not thoroughly enough for the second or third day running! Strong little varmint for under five pounds at a guess.


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    What a cute little fella!
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    You're lucky to have escaped with your life! That thing coulda tore you limb from limb!
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