1. Robert Horky

    The Dresser

    The dresser that goes with the bed .. http://familywoodworking.org/forums/showthread.php?38042-2nd-bed-for-Granddaughter-idea-to-reality&highlight= is now completed and in service. White Oak, gray stain, General Finish HP semi-gloss topcoat, wax. Joinery is mortise/tenon...
  2. Robert Horky

    Top Cabinet for the Dresser

    The bedroom furniture project is complete (except for the two long bed rails that will convert the crib to a full size bed .. but no rush for these). Nice little top cabinet that dresses up the dresser (in my opinion) and will give the grand daughter lots of room for the 'girly' stuff. This...
  3. Robert Horky

    Dresser for the Granddaughter

    With the crib, nightstand and changing station under my belt, it was time to get a going on the dresser. It is now complete and delivered: Wood: Jatoba, Walnut, Poplar. MDF (under top laminate); notice the drawers were made from continuous pieces so the grain flows across the front...
  4. David Crouse

    Baby Dresser #2

    Well... another grandaughter, and another request for a dresser. :) I learned a bit from the first one, and this one went a bit smoother, and I think is a bit nicer than the first one. Still used screws, still solid pine, and still very very heavy lol. But, I will say, it isn't going to fall...