Dresser for the Granddaughter

With the crib, nightstand and changing station under my belt, it was time to get a going on the dresser. It is now complete and delivered:
P1010789.JPG P1010795.JPG P1010797.JPG P1010799.JPGP1010800.JPG P1010805.JPG

Wood: Jatoba, Walnut, Poplar. MDF (under top laminate); notice the drawers were made from continuous pieces so the grain flows across the front

Joinery: Mortise and Loose Tenon, biscuits, finger joints, laminations (using contact cement), sliding dovetails for drawer runners, pocket screws

Finish: Danish Oil (three coats), General Finishes High Performance Poly (4 to 6 coats)

Used my adjustable finger joint jig to make the drawer connections

As you can see from the last picture, the customer is very happy. Now onto a small set of drawers that will go onto the dresser once the changing station is no longer needed.

ScreenHunter_44 Apr. 30 12.20.jpg

Again my thanks to Glenn B for the design idea and coaching on the drawer handles. I really like the way these look.
Thanks for looking.
That came out great Robert. The long ribbons in the jatoba figure are perfect for this piece. The continuous figure across drawer fronts is a detail that always makes an impact. It is sometime subliminal in that folks don't know why they are attracted to the piece. If the drawers are random however, it detracts from the physical stance of larger pieces IMHO.

I find making your own pulls/hardware to be a great way of sealing the fact that the piece was individually made. I see an instant heirloom and a very happy customer :thumb:. Are the drawers side-hung? The pic doesn't show the runners or is it just not out quite far enough?

P.s. Be sure to sign and date that thing somewhere inconspicuous so future generations can know who and when.
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Glenn, the drawers are dovetail slides, center, bottom mounted with glide pads on the two front sides.

Thanks Robert. When you said sliding dovetails for drawer runners I was thinking about web frames . . . Doh! Your method keeps the sides of the drawers clean and visually pleasant. Nicely done.
I must have said "Oh, man!" half a dozen times clicking through the photos. That's some top-shelf work, Robert. :clap: