1. C

    Restoring a 1978 DP-14-12 Continental Machinery Drill Press

    Not sure if the Manufacturer really means much, looks like it was a Taiwan product, doesn't seem to have much company history. I've taken most of it apart and cleaned it and it's looking really great! (nice to have access to an industrial sandblaster!) I'll post some more pics once its a bit...
  2. J

    (Help Request) Restoration Issue: Richard Wilcox Wood Vise

    Hey there, first time poster. I am in the process of restoring a Wood Vise from Richard Wilcox. The vise itself is really clever in its quick-release mechanism. Sadly, it is not working. Which is really unfortunate as I ran into this snag after I installed it into my workbench. Can you say...
  3. D

    Round Kitchen this design even possible?

    Hello all, long-time reader, first time poster.... The LOML has found a picture of a table she would like from Restoration Hardware, and asked if I could build it. After I really started to think about it, I came to realize that this table doesn't seem to allow for wood movement at all...and...
  4. Darren Wright

    Plane Restore

    Have seen many, many threads on here about using planes in the wood shop, but understood all the glam about it. Well, I was watching one of the Woodsmith shows this week that I recorded and they covered a lot of the common uses and types of planes. It was a pretty good show and got me inspired...
  5. larry merlau

    Finishing and Restoration!!!!! Guru

    this is my opinion on a member here, DAVE HAWKSFORD.. i have been fortunate to see many people and many shops and got to know alot of folks from my travels.. on this forum..and in my opinion we have a gold mine in dave hawksford ,, he can do things with...