Chuck Ellis

Tellico Plains, Tennessee
My brother in law was a mechanic that specialized in front end alignment.... he worked in a pit as well.... Charles was the first mechanic I knew that was fair and honest with his customers... he had a reputation of being the best around and even the highway patrol from all around Navarro county brought their cars to him. If the front end didn't need alignment, he would check it, then send them on their way at no charge....

On my first trip home for Christmas when I was stationed on Treasure Island, my '59 impala overheated just outside of Williams, AZ.... turned around and went back into Williams to a local garage... I wasn't getting any heat out of my heater and the car was running hot, even though it there was snow on the ground.... the mechanic fixed the overheat problem quickly and worked on the heater for over an hour... nothing worked.... finally I said I would continue my trip and see about getting fixed in Texas.... mentioned to my BIL about the heat, he got a screw driver out, crawled under the dash and tightened a screw on the cable slide that controlled the heat level... 'course he was family and never charged family... he kept my car, my mom's car, my dad's car and even my other BIL's cars working... even when I tried to pay him he would give the money back.

Ryan Mooney

Staff member
The Gorge Area, Oregon
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