Air Fryer

We've mostly done stuff that would normally fry, or re-heating things that have been fried (such as fast food french fries/onion rings. I'll have to explore the baked potato options. ;)
It makes great baked potatoes. Love fried chicken in it and also homemade Sweet Potato fries with Garlic powder. Also cooking egg rolls and you will never cook bacon any other way after you do it once. The list is endless I have been using a Ninja foodi now for almost 5 year and wouldn't want to be without the air fryer system
I'm like Darren. I've done a lot of store-bought frozen fried things (french fried potatoes or sweet potatoes, onion rings, egg rolls, breaded shrimp, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, etc), and use it for reheating leftover fast-food french fries. I'll have to check out the baked potato idea, too. :thumb:
Blooming onion, potato wedges, Brussels sprouts, New York strip steak, pork chops . . .

I bought an air fryer a few years ago, didn't check the warranty on it and got burned. It quit working after about 85 days. I called the merchant and, in so many words, was told, "The warranty on this unit is 60 days." Yeah, . . .

I did more due diligence on the new one - great ratings and good warranty. It's a Corsori 5.8qt. Bobbie said it got a top rating from Consumer Report and other sites.
My favorite is to premake a bunch of little breakfast burritos, especially when I have some extra spicy pulled pork or something leftover.

I'll freeze them. Defrost on 50% for about 2 minutes in the microwave, then a little spritz of oil and pop in the air fryer for 10 minutes. Crispy crunchy breakfast burritos.
Straying away from air fryers, but Brent's breakfast burrito story triggered some memories. Back when I was working as a construction inspector and driving around jobsites all day, I used to make a dozen or so breakfast burritos and freeze them. In the morning before work, I'd microwave one or two of them, wrap them in foil, and put them on the engine block of my Jeep when I'd leave for work. They would stay warm and toasty until I'd eat them for lunch.
Sam" have roterisse chickens for 4.98 each and they are delicious. Somehow I can't buy a chicken and fix it for that price. Also 1 of those chickens will feed my and myself for 3-4 meals, so it is well worth the prie. Still I really enjoy fixing drug chicken on the smoker. Guess that enjoyment our bids the Sam;s chicken.
Yesterday at the food pantry they were giving away FREE, a full case of Tyson fresh - not frozen chickens. There were 12 chickens in the case. Some nice fryers in there. I vacuum backed all 12 individually and froze them. My air fryer has the rotisserie feature - as well as my toaster oven. I see some wicked good FREE chicken recipes coming up soon.