Back on the keto wagon

Darren Wright

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Springfield, Missouri
Today my wife and I got back on the Keto wagon. We each lost 40 lbs the last time we did it, but as usual you fall back into old habits quickly. Our approach this round is to change habits and try more actual cooking.

Last round we were still having to go to the office last round, so planning for a day of lunch and snacks was tough. We also had way more restaurants to go to, not so much the case here, we cook most meals now.

Of courses this past week we’ve spent clearing out the freezer and cupboards of all the carbs, which made for some interesting combinations of meals.

Onward downward!
Congrats!! Having done it well once gives you a leg up this time around. I’m on day 298 according to the My Macros app and holding steady. You can do it!
That's awesome. So are you still losing or just maintaining?

I'm using the Carb Manager app, paid for the subscription ($40 year). I'd like to get where I'm fasting on the 12/12 schedule, so didn't eat breakfast until about 10 today, will have my last snack around 10 pm so hunger pangs don't keep me up all night. And maybe I can move to the 16/8 fasting schedule at some point. Mostly need to get my metabolism in check and maybe get an exercise schedule started, for now, that might just be cutting and stacking wood for this winter and drywall mudding/sanding.

This mornings breakfast was a chorizo omelet. Last night I made some cauliflower fried rice with some chives, orange peal, ginger powder, and salt/pepper. Went really well with some instant pot pulled pork with some Kinder taco seasoning added to the pork.
That's awesome. So are you still losing or just maintaining?...
My goal was 175lbs and size 34 jeans. Both are holding steady on a dirty keto OMAD (one meal a day) with a 6 hour intake window and fasting for 18 hours. 2000calorie/day. Breakfast is keto coffee and the butter in the coffee keeps me not hungry until dinner. I will admit to occasional lapses, those big bags of BOOM CHICKA POP kettlecorn at costco are my downfall. I also try and hit a goal of 6,000 steps every day using the Pacer app on my I-phone. I used to try for 10,000 steps, but read that that was overkill. I still do 10 when my daughter is around because we keep each other motivated.
my diabetes hasnt been under great control for a couple of years.....not life threatening bad or anything like that, but the endocrinologist hasnt been that happy with me. last month, I decided after I saw him, Id start being serious and cutting down on carbs and night eating.
he also put me on monjero shot once a week.
today I saw him, 33 days I believe after I saw him last. I dropped 11 lbs and my A1c was 6.6 best its been in a while. combination of watching what I eat and that once a week shot.
ofcourse anyone my size noone would notice a difference until I lose 30 or so lbs, but Im happy I showed some progress
I gave up on any sort of diet a LOT of years ago.

I was at one point 215 pounds and I even bought size 40 pants.
Most of the time I was between 190-5 or so up to 199-200

For the last several years, mostly since retirement I have been between 174 to 180
I wear 36's loosly and 34's a bit snug.
At 174 the 34's are comfortable.
At 165 I can wear 32's - but that is really rare.

No diet - I just don't do diet any more.
I don't portion my food, don't weight it
My A1C is 65-69

I don't look up specs or charts or glycemic tables any more.

I hope to loose another 10-15 pounds or so.
I would like to get into 32's like I did maybe 8 or so years ago.

I cut out sugar, candies, chips,
Eat more veggy
Eat grapefruit, apples, oranges and other fruit
Eat more veggys
Cut down on carbs
Cut out 2 huge plates for supper.
Eat more veggies

It's lifestyle

I hate diets.
I don't diet, I just watch how much I put on my plate.... when Dianne and I married 32 years ago, I was 50 yrs old, weighed 150-155 lbs... the end of our first year I weighed 180-185.... by end of second year I was at 205.... it took a few years, but I'm back down to about 171.... probably will try to stay there.
I eat pretty much what I want, but in smaller quantities and since Dianne has gotten sick in the last few years, I do most of the cooking... that helps too.
Have I mentioned I hate to cook.
Good luck! 40# is impressive.

I'm about to start a low carb stint til August 28th, when we leave on vacation. My goals aren't too lofty, but hope to drop 4 or 5 more pounds. I'm 6'1" and currently ~226#. I've been reducing portion size and trying to not overstuff myself, and have been exercising 4 or 5 days a week. I've dropped about 15 pounds over the past 18 months, but have also added some muscle that I hadn't seen in a couple of decades. Diets that include severe discipline with hunger and lettuce just don't work for me. Keto/low carb options mean I can still eat a lot of things I like, just without the sweets!
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So far so good. Haven’t lost much, but having a lack of something certainly makes me feel better. I was taking ibuprofen nearly nightly for with knee pain or hands aching, but not needed it for the last week. May be that gluten or sugars are making me feel bad, will have to dig more into those and see which it is, or other.
I don’t make any diet, but I do check my weight every fortnight and do not let it pass more than 3 kg over of what it should be. When it gets close to that red line it means that I’ve been eating things or quantities that I do not normally eat. Like more bread or pasta than usually or more things with sugar like pastries and so forth.
And I do workout 1 hour every day, Pilates, swimming and HIIT alternately During the week resting on weekends.
Gaining weight fast is incredibly easy and unconscious, losing it is much more difficult, I remember than being at in-laws for a week I put on 3kg. Just by eating more volume and more bread than I usually do. I didn’t let that happen again even at the cost of pissing off my MIL for not eating all her delicious food.
BTW I am 1’74 meters tall and now I weigh 72Kg. my ideal weigh is between 69 and 71kg Not bad for a 64 year old fart.