Ted Calver

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Yorktown, Virginia
Thanks guys.
I remember my dad and his brothers wearing Fedoras (originally designed as a woman's hat) back in the day. Fell in love with cowboy hats while living in Montana back in the sixties. They didn't have such a great selection back then. Now they make some nice looking and very durable straw hats, which is what I wear most of the time. The western outfitters out here in Oklahoma have selections of basic unformed hats in both straw and felt that they will steam and shape any way you want. Pretty cool. There's a Stetson/Resistol factory outlet three hours away in Garland Texas that sells blemished hats I'd like to visit before heading back home. You can never have enough hats. I wear one most of the time....pants, not so much:rofl:

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
I don't wear a hat very often because it is hard to find one to fit my over-sized head. I wear a size 8 3/8 which is nigh impossible to find.

Chris Ramsey made me an Outback hat that fits my lumpy bumpy head perfectly. I wear it on special occasions to show off and of course I always wear it to Outback Steakhouse.

I cannot believe how perfectly this hat fits. Chris sent me a tool to take an impression of the outline of my head and told me to do it three times and then overlay the results on a piece of paper. I did and the hat fits like a glove.

He was even kind enough to send me in progress photos of all the steps involved in the making of my hat.

Outside the beltway
My uncle who was a real cowboy. Trucked cattle all over the country and had a 500 acre holding pens and dipping. Took me to get mine. He said: you ware the hat high , out of you eyes, so you can look at someone straight up and you can see what kind of person they are. It would take uncle Jake half the morning to get out 2 words: Good Morning. LOL