Friday 17Mar23

Dave Hoskins

Parker County, Texas
Going to start on a couple of small worktables today if the winds don't blow me away. We dodged the bullet again late afternoon yesterday. Tornadoes pass us by and the hail as well. Just to the west of us they had hail the size of oranges. That's pretty big hail. Later on today gotta get some tamales to celebrate my good luck!


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Lou and I are going to town tomorrow to get dog, cat and sr. pony feed. Will spend some time just roaming the Rural King farm store offerings. Supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow with wind chill so we are going to eat lunch out and enjoy some one on one time. Sunday have the stock trailer at the wood stove as it has had 8-10" logs anywhere from 6' to 14' long in it. Going to start pulling them out and cutting to length after we unload a ton of cattle feed. You all be safe and stay healthy.
Worky work today. Hopefully see another HVAC contractor for better quote, otherwise have about $2000 in mini-splits, disconnects, mounting brackets, trim covers, wire, and tools in a shopping cart ready to order. Tomorrow and Sunday, cutting stair stringers (temp stairs), finishing up lights and home run wiring, starting water line and drain rough in.
Pushing ahead with the kitchen renovation work, hopefully getting all the utilities done so I can get the drywall in place. Then, work on the cabinets can get going in earnest. It’s only one twelve foot run of cabinets where an old back stairway had been, but involves range hood ventilation, plumbing re-route (done!!👍), wiring and mini-split service access. I get bogged down in planning paralysis, as I hate having to undo things.

Lots of paperwork is looming as well. If I can get past that, maybe we’ll take a little drive on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend. Stay healthy and safe.
Today I'm going to finish up a bathroom sink drain rehab project that I've been milking for a couple of days. What started out as a quick "I'm gonna snake the drain" has turned into a full rebuild of the drain from the sink to the wall. Only took two trips to Lowe's and one to Home Depot. I'm pretty proud of myself. :yes: :D

Saturday I have a Range Day scheduled with my shooting club, although I'd say it's about 50/50 as to whether it'll happen. We had rain all day yesterday and last night it snowed 2 or 3 inches. Today we've still got heavy overcast, so nothing it drying out very quickly. I won't know until I get out to the range tomorrow morning whether it'll be too wet and muddy to shoot or not.

Sunday will be just hanging around the house and getting chores done where I can. I might try to put the new door locks in my Ranger pickup. I'm going to let my mechanic neighbor handle the ignition. It would normally be easy to pop a new ignition switch into the steering column, but the scumbag who tried to steal it buggered things up so it'll take someone with more than a YouTube mechanic's certification to install the new switch. I'll also be watching the Formula 1 race at some point on Sunday.

One of the reasons the drain project has taken several days is because I'm still moving pretty slow and sore. It's been a month or so since my hip started giving me trouble, and after several trips to various docs the consensus it that my hip problem is actually a back problem. I started going to PT last week and will be doing two visits a week for the next couple of months. My cute little physical therapist has me working muscles that haven't been used in a while, so I've been pretty gimpy getting around.
I'm fighting a nasal drip which is annoying as heck but I finished Elen's bookcase this morning
Just have to spray some lacquer on it
But that will have to wait
Tomorrow we are going to babysit both kids so my daughter and sil can go out for dinner as it's my daughters birthday
Then either Sunday afternoon or Monday am we are headed to foxwoods in conn
To celebrate my birthday which is this Monday
It was Elen's idea I was surprised she was willing to leave the granddaughter and assisting my daughter but we are out of here for 3 nights maybe 4 if we go tomorrow we will stay in mystic conn one night
Our room at foxwoods is 1400 sq foot suite Elen's treat so I'm looking forward to seeing how the rich people live gotta love a hotel room that has a guest bathroom
Will fill in this weekend with ncaa tourney