Friday 3Dec21

Dave Hoskins

Parker County, Texas
First Friday in December! How about that? A bit of shop time today. Nothing special going on. Had my tamale fix yesterday, so no worries today. After all, one must be one with his tamales. Some shop time all weekend.
Worky work today, but it's going to be hard with it being 73 out on this December day. The tractor is still in the shop, no word on when it will come back.

I may work on locating some old fence lines this weekend to get them re-built. I have some shelves to build for the kitchen and now maybe for under the stairs since it's cleaned out. My wife wanting to claim it as pantry/kitchen storage space to clear off some counters.

I have an electrical plug to install by her grandpa's chair for an electric blanket. I mounted a small shelf on the wall for him the other day so he has somewhere to set his coffee cup and a few items.

Other than that, I'll probably continue cleaning out the garage and get the 3rd bay cleared out some. Then start plugging holes, adding blocking, and spray foaming.
With my SIL..bought a bag of pellets for the smoker..went grocery shopping.
Later, a school function for no.2 grandson.
Relaxing the rest of the day.
Finished the grandfather clock and oiled it today. Now waiting 3 days for the oil to cure before I can lay on the top coat. Getting started on the last piece in this commission - medicine cabinet.
Did my final leaf cleanup for the year. Also blew out the gutters. Pretty easy when leaves are dry. Working on a 3d cutting board for neighbor. Just because. Saturday going to friends 100th birthday. Wonderful retired ptor with a lot of wit and charm. Bless his heart he had 2 wiives who pasted prmaturely. He has had a blessed life. Saturday night going to grandson's choral program. Made all district so maybe he can sing.he loves the drama plays and is always involved in the plays. He is doing pretty good.
Everyone have a safe and healthy weekend.
I did a 4-Year CCW Renewal class and qualification shoot this morning with a nice couple. Need to do some adjusting and maintenance on a few of my guitars, and then start brushing up on a few things to get ready for a band rehearsal and gig next week. Also scheduled to have a friend come by next week just to jam, so I should probably shake off a bit of finger rust beforehand.

Still waiting for the last of the leaves to fall from the fruit trees in the orchard so I can so the final leaf cleanup. And as always there's plenty of other pruning/trimming to do, since I'm really good at coming up with excuses not to do it. :D

And Brent, please let Sharon know I'm sending her my best.
Not a lot to report from around here, just moving through life a step at a time.

I started my day with a trip to the clinic for my monthly B12 and T-shot injections. Then a few minutes in my shop before lunch.

Bobbie and I made our usual drive to Boston for lunch today. She had the usual shrimp plate and I had a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

After lunch, I worked on the crown molding top to the storage/display cabinet I'm building.

To end my day, we had a massage therapist (recommended by friends) come to our home to see if she can help with neck and leg issues I've been having. It was so good, I already scheduled another treatment!!!

Saturday will have me throwing some chicken wing drumettes on my smoker to contribute to a gathering next door for the SEC championship game. Then. we'll attend the gathering with a bunch of other folks. The level of inebriation will be directly related to the number of times Georgia scores - one shot per TD and a half for a FG and who knows what else along the way!!!!!
Last night took a break and went to the "Mistletoe Madness" which is the town of Twisp's holiday shopping event. A much needed dump run planned for today, but it will be a cold one as snow fell last night and we are expecting more through the weekend. I am working on repairing/resurrecting a saw bench that has suffered from the change in climate and being left out in the elements. It retrospect it would have been faster to build a new one. Sunday will be back to firewood stacking and just taking it easy.