Getting kind of loud here

We've got cicadas and other katydids out here, but the biggest pain in the hind end are the mormon crickets that come through. You may remember me posting about that a couple years ago.

They are doing their thing again and wouldn't you know it, I'm taking gardening seriously again this year. The neighborhood was a mish mash of people posting reports of 'OMG, Crickets', so I decided to do something about it and started mapping the reports for our valley.

It's kind of cool to see where they are and how they are moving. I added a page to my weather site to track them. I think they are a version of katydid actually.

If you like your trees wrap them in a foil so they can't move up the tree. They lay eggs by pinching the bark of the branch which kills that branch. Mostly tops to the trees it can also be considered as a natural pruner to the tree..
In the past these guys have been around but so far none have been discovered in our yard. Maybe they wore out there welcome here. I kinda like them.. grew up with them guys all summer long. Do remember the golf tournament in Dublin Ohio years ago, the sound was so bad you could not hear the tv announcers. And the cicadas were sticking to everything. Golf clubs and bags. Fun to watch.

I cannot post it here, as my wife would certainly divorce me, but I filmed her and if i happen to visit anyone in the future, Id show them the video.
my wife saw a cricket on the kitchen floor a few years back, and anyone would have thought she came across a 20 foot alligator or godzilla. she was hysterical screaming for me to kill it, jumping up and down....I couldnt do anything but laugh, but I had my phone so I filmed it, and it ticked her off. I guess Im not that good of a husband, b ut I know for sure it would win americas funniest home videos, or whatever that show is called.
remember Indiana Jones saying, "The Floor is Moving" that was my front yard , under a large maple tree. At night they get very active. People collect the cicadas right after they shed there casing and they are white in color and very edible. High in preteen.
If you've ever been to the Amazon the sound is the same all day every day but it's from birds.
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