I want one of THESE!

Roger Tulk

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
I spent the last six days on Vancouver Island, visiting my son and his wife, and my new grandson. While there I visited the BC Forest Centre museum, and got a look at some real tools:

22 Saw.jpg

This is said to be the largest circular saw in the world. It has 100 teeth, and I would estimate its diameter at 9'.

25 See saw.jpg

They have an extensive collection of chain saws, including more than one two-handed model, like this.
Yeah, I used to own that circular saw blade, but the table saw I had it in was too tall to use. I mean seriously, did you ever try to run lumber through a 12' high table saw? What a pain! :D
Amazing stuff!

A friend of my uncle had an old McCulloch Model 99 two man saw.

McCulloch 99.jpg
Like this, six foot bar, and when that thing started up, boy you knew it was running!

When I was looking for a longer bar for my new Makita electric chainsaw I found that Cannon still makes a bar with a handle on it.


Cools stuff for sure!
A long time ago I had the pleasure of cutting off some old wood pilings using an air powered, 2 man, underwater chainsaw.
It was in about 10-15 feet of water. We cut them off at the seabed level.

Once you turned on the air you could not see much because of the bubbles. You both got positioned as best you could and as secure as possible, then hang on.

It is amazing either of us game away with all body parts.
Actually it worked pretty good.
About 55 years or so ago, one of my neighbors - an arborist/logger - had a big McColloch (I think) that had about a six foot bar, and something akin to bicycle handlebars on the end of the bar. The bar could be swiveled for horizontal or vertical cuts. That thing was a monster!

Some of the saws the loggers were using in the Pacific Northwest, back in the 70's, were pretty massive, too. They made my 'little' Poulan, with its 30 inch bar, look like a toy.