I Went To . . .

Dave Hoskins

Parker County, Texas
A small craft event this morning. Of all places, it was at the Master Gardener's monthly meeting. Did fairly decent considering there was only 2 hours of selling time. What I was forever happy about was I sold two turnings that I have been trying to get rid of for quite awhile!!! Wheeee!!! So anyway. I have measured to see just how much wire I am gonna need to get the shop wired up and running. Now me gotta go to Home Depot which I will probably do on Saturday. Ain't doing it tomorrow with severe thunderstorms coming in. I never play with wiring when storms are about.
OK, Mike. That's funny! I wanted to make sure on the distance I had to go off of the main breaker box with #10 wire costing as much as it is nowadays. Well, 12 ain't a whole lot better. Luckily I brought the old shop breaker box with me so that saves a bunch of money.
Should have taken the old wire too. ;)
I would have brought the wiring from the main breaker at the old house to the old shop, except I had buried it in conduit and just didn't want to fool with the digging and all. I don't mind wiring stuff in at all. Actually fairly easy for the most part. Just don't like doing it when there's lighting and thunder going on around. Just seems stupid to risk it. Nothing is that important to go doing that.
...Just don't like doing it when there's lighting and thunder going on around. Just seems stupid to risk it...
Yeah, I guess I'd be chicken too. :D
Me neither, already had my shock in '61 and don't want another like it. Also I don't look good with curly hair.
We didn't have lightening or such, just too much macho I think... I was lead radioman on duty one night, one of our reperfs (machine that punches holes in teletype tape) was not working correctly, so I grabbed a spare from another circuit, jerked the bad one out and set the new one in place (without shutting down the circuit).... the new one was set down slightly out of alignment. I burned a hole in the reperf housing you could stick your finger through, some body hit me in the elbows with a baseball bat, knocked me back onto my desk that sat 6 ft away clearing everything on it onto the floor, knocked out the circuit breaker for the whole room leaving us in the dark except for the emergency light. It was 3 am, I called the chief at home who said he would see me at 0800.
The main breaker box was behind a locked door that only the chief had keys to, so we sat in the dark for 5 hours.
If I hadn't had a short military haircut, I'm sure it would have been curled nice and tight.