It followed me home, can I keep it?

I'm no kind of a mechanic and can't start to give you any advice on your restoration, but I love the old cars and look forward to you finished project.

I do remember back to 1948 when my dad showed up in the middle of the night in our home town in Texas, packed my mother and 3 kids in the middle of the night, loaded the 8 foot trailer he was towing and we all headed for West Texas.... the car was a 30's model copue (2 seater) that he had bought a couple of years earlier and drove to a job in west Texas. We left with my two sisters sitting in the seats with my parents, My little sister was straddling the gear shift and my older sister was between Mom and the door.... I was stretched out along the back of the seat in the back window. Not sure how long it took us to get there, but we likely look like the Beverly Hillbillies and we tooled along. He later took the body off the coupe and added a sedan body that had been burned out... our interior lining was Masonite.

Dad later traded the modified sedan for a 1941 Ford which we drove in West Texas, up into the Panhandle, then back to East Texas where we originally lived. Dad drove that car for nearly 10 or 12 years until he went bar hopping in about 1957 or 58 an drove it off into Cat Creek near where he lived.... ...My parents were separated by then and he was likely in his cups when he went bar hopping. I still remember that old Ford... it was some horrible shade of green.
i used to have a 69 mach 1, with a 351 windsor engine (i had heard that clevelands went through valves)...
A few years later she bought another '72 fastback with the 351 Windsor. Once she started having kids she sold it to her BIL, who kept it in a garage and talked for years about restoring it. He never got around to it and I don't know what became of the car when he passed away a few years ago. During high school I drove a '67 Mustang, and it actually handled pretty well. It had the stock 289 and an automatic, so it wasn't quite the beast that my sister's first '72 was. (Hers was sharp-looking, though. It was the '72 USA Special and it still had the original paint and trim.)

Another beast of a Mustang I had a chance to drive was owned by a cop friend of mine. This was in the mid-80s, and he'd been hired as the Chief of Police for a small town in NM. They wanted him to buy his own police car and they would lease it from him. So he ordered the first police-equipped Mustang Foxbody in the state of NM. It was white and unmarked, with lights hidden under the grill. It had the 5.0 V8 and a 5-speed manual and a really high-geared rear end. He let me drive it around town one day and I never got it above 2nd gear. I figured 80 mph on city streets was fast enough, lol.