Just curious…

Peter Rideout

Nova Scotia, 45°N 64°W
I sure don’t want to trigger a political discussion, but once again, I’m curious and mildly inconvenienced.

Once in a while we have dealings with small businesses in the US who won’t ship outside that country. Today I sent off an automotive electronic module to a small company that repairs these things. He can’t mail it back to me, so I have to involve a friend who will take delivery of it and, wait for it…mail it back to me! I don’t understand the problem, if there’s extra cost, then as the customer, I will happily pay the cost. The US Postal Service is an internationally connected agency and would surely help their customer with this.

Can anyone enlighten me on the reason for this? Maybe it’s simply the US market is so vast they don’t need the extra paperwork? I’m puzzled.

I hope you’re all having a great day. It’s a wonderful, blue sky spring day in Nova Scotia and there’s outdoor work staring at me from every point on the compass!
I cannot offer an enlightened explanation for why your repairman cannot mail it back to you.

Mailing things overseas is sort of complicated by the post office. They require additional paperwork and declaration forms that take a few extra minutes but I have done it shipping items to England, Norway, Germany, France, New Zealand and Australia.

If I can do it I don't think it is all that difficult.
I have businesses that won't ship to me as I have a Rural Route box vs a street address. I think a lot has to do with the shipping system they are using and it not recognizing post office boxes, rural routes, or international shipping addresses. If it doesn't come up in it, than you're just making up where you live. :)

I want to say it's shopify or whatever shipping system they are using that I see it the most on.

Edit: I have called an gotten a human to understand that my mailing address is my mailing address, so there is that option.
I've mailed small items to Canada and Australia using the USPS. It just involved a bit of research and a customs form. Could just be a small company not wanting to go outside it's comfort zone with something different.
Peter I have 2 100 pound Elevator weights. I'll keep an eye out at the farm. There is a ton of old farm equipment out there .
Thank you Dave. This is what a 60’s-70’s IH Farmall weight looks like. If you come across any in your travels, we’ll have a fun project getting them from rural Virginia to the Annapolis Valley.😀
The tractor pulling crowd have gathered them all up around here and will not part with any.