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what is your preference on position

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no more doors rennie just 4 drawers, and yes the door is over lay and the other two are inset.
following a picture that was done like that but now all inset would have matched better
Dont for get to vote. so i can have numbers to remember:)
Top pic - In the bottom pic, my eye went right to the different distances from the top of the door to the knob. I think the eye will focus on the relationship between the knob and the top of the door rather than the knobs to each other, especially since there is some distance between the knobs.
Boss says inline bottom picture. Reason being that you're not going to see the upper part of the door with the counter line drawing the eye as much so the eye will be more drawn to the knobs instead of the door line. I think once you paint the doors that will become even moreso. I was initially 50/50 but thinking about how the paint will work I'm slightly leaning towards agreeing with the boss (but might change my mind once the shadow lines land.. I think those would be the deciding factor..)
jim, the bottom edge of the inset doors are getting a trim treatment that carries threw the frnt and on each side which helps to balance the thicker bottom rails.. its that way for better attachment.
gloria cabinet-p.jpg
I voted for the second picture, but I'd re-do the right hand door a bit and make the inset panel shorter to match the height of the adjacent panels and make the top rail wider to compensate. All three panels would be the same height and line up top and bottom.
I voted for the top photo because of the visual balance within the door itself. But, I can't get past the question of why all doors aren't the same.
I see what they were going for with the overlay door trying to match the overlay drawer fronts opposite, but I think I would have just overlay on the two center doors also. I think since you mentioned these getting painted in your repair thread, the contrast of overlay and inset won't matter as much and since the knobs are close enough, I think keeping them on the same plane would look better, so still sticking with the original vote.