Need some heavy lifting.....

Mike Stafford

Coastal plain of North Carolina
Call the SSCV Sleipnir. The SSCV (semi-submersible crane vessel) Sleipnir is the largest vessel of its type in the world. It was built in Singapore for Heerema Marine of Norway. The vessel rides on 8 columns nearly 80 feet tall. The name of the ship comes from the mythical horse Sleipnir which was eight-legged.

1707939734009.png 1707940052749.png

The columns house ballast and fuel tanks. This massive ship has eight inline 8 cylinder engines producing 10,500 horsepower each. The engines are powered by LNG (liquid natural gas) or MGO (marine gas oil). The fuel storage capacity is 280,000 cubic feet. This is sufficient fuel for the ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean at a cruising speed of 12 mph in a week.

Each of its two cranes can lift 10,000 tons independently but can lift over 20,000 tons in tandem.The two cranes have booms that are 472 feet long and weigh1170 tons. The crane houses can revolve and ride on bearings that are 98 feet in diameter. Gotta be the world's largest shot puts.

This is the main lifting hook. Each crane has its own. Each hook weighs 240 metric tons. A lifting cable is pictured below being delivered. Check out the number of wheels on that trailer.

1707940217162.png 1707940391871.png

It has a crew of up to 400.

There are many more facts about this incredible vessel; too many to include here. If you are interested read here.