02/23/24 Friday

I'll be busy I need to clean up the office, Got to head over to Phoenix Airport @ 7:30 this evening to pick up a certain Young Lady returning from her adventures in Africa, She will be exhausted I am sure after two ten Hour flights and a 4 hour flight in two days, shoot I am exhausted just thinking about it. Sunday I'll have have my usual Legion stuff. Oh and I'll be doing some book work on the building project too.
Spent the first part of week in Kansas City with daughter have woman surgery. What a zoo the hospital is. Everything ran smooth but behind schedule as usual. Had some slow down, as shooting patient came along. Boy KC is certainly getting to be the wild west.
Good weather the next week or so I'll do some yard work and maybe look into shop and see what happens. Nothing really scheduled or planned just go with the flow.
Every one have a safe and healthy weekend and more.
Just came home from an appointment with my doctor. She was able to find a pulse which is always a good thing.

Rainy here but that shouldn't interfere with my indoor work. I am slowly making progress on the sheaths for my knives. Leatherwork is tedious for me. I don't have confidence yet in what I am doing.

Not much else to report.

You jest, but should have seen the faces on the docs that tried to take my pulse on my right arm in 2014. No pulse. For over a week. Blood evidently was leaking enough to keep the hand alive so during the surgery got to keep it.
just finished painting 3 childrens adirondack chairs I made before I left last week. no plans this weekend, and Im a bit under the weather for lack of a better expression, maybe not sick, but exhausted. when I go away for a few days I always feel wasted when I get home.
kids are coming here sunday for dinner, my son in law is installing a new thermostat and I have to install a windshield wiper on elens car. had it shipped to daughters house, probably not doing anything to9morrow, maybe Ill just lay around and get older
I've got Range Day tomorrow for my shooting club, so some of my time today will be getting things ready for that. I need to check my target frames for any needed repairs, and I always try to come up with some new drills for everyone to do just to keep things fresh and interesting.

The rest of the weekend will mostly be music stuff. The new band has its first gig in a couple of weeks, and although many of the songs will be the same ones we did in the old band, we're adding quite a bit of new material. That means getting some new songs locked into muscle memory and getting the new tones dialed in on my guitar rig. For now at least, we're running as a trio, so I've got a lot more playing on my plate and won't have another guitarist in the band to cover all my mistakes, lol.
Trying to get some shop time but the stars are agin me.
No sooner did we replace the fridge that died on us last month while Jan was in the hospital than the washer bearing (front load) began to scream. Repair man says $900 to repair :thud::crazy: So, I found a used set for a good price and I'll be moving them around.
Jan is still using the walker to get around so I am doing some of the housework and all the shopping. Weekend? What weekend? :rofl: