Anyone is up for a challenge?

I'm going to probably have to post a picture of mine in whatever to "final" state is as of the time it drops with a bit of "use your imagination for the rest". It's getting there.. but.. I might not completely make it in time.
With 8 days left, I have to admit that mine, is likely not to be completely finished, and by completely I mean fully sanded and tung oil applied. :bang:The reason is that while making it I have developed bilateral epicondylitys (or tennis elbow) ( o should I say carver's elbow) forcing me to stop as at the moment I can't even lift a glass of water without feeling pain. Any grabbing or pinching movement is really painful specially if there is some weight or added resistance to it. I hope that when you see my project you'll understand.

Note: Please, do not use this as an excuse to not finish yours, and I am not referring to you Ryan, but to all the rest of the guys. :(
I'm not claiming to be a master carpenter, far from it.. but bending nails by golly.. THAT I have down!
Me too, brother, me too!

When I was a kid my father was always building the house. He always had a project in the works. We built additions, second floors, a huge garage and shop, added a second bathroom, new cabinets for the kitchen et al, et al. Hardly a weekend passed that I didn't get to eat some sawdust and pound some nails.

I was a kid and I wasn't all that accurate with a hammer. My dad would yell at me I put dimples in the wood by missing a nail and he would yell at me if I bent the nail. He would make me pull that nail and straighten it out. I can hear him saying, "Nails aren't free. Keep your eye on the nail and hit it."

I have his Estwing hammer from those days and it still serves me well. At this point I don't bend as many nails and I don't bother to straighten the ones I do.
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He who finishes last finishes nevertheless..
Yaaay! Well done! Reminds me of the Great Tanana River Raft Race from Fairbanks to Nenana, I'm the guy rowing at about 2:09... 380 homemade rafts and 2000 people. Our raft, made in my basement with crew of colleagues from the Alaskan NORAD region, came in tenth and we were disqualified for trying too hard. The raft behind us in eleventh place won. The race went for four years and was cancelled when some people drowned. How's that for a thread drift :beer:

Congratulations on being a winner Ryan!! :rofl:
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we were disqualified for trying too hard.
Boy that's a fine how-do-you-do right there haha.

The fellows with the homemade paddles had some of the most disorganized rowing I think I've ever seen and that's saying something. Some years ago LOML and I rented a kayak to take up a small river in HI, we figured out about half way up that having good cadence was a LOT more important than rowing power. On the way back down we discovered that the wind blowing upriver was a whole lot stronger than the current and our anticipation of that half being easier was wildly misplaced :rofl: Anyway rowing is certainly an art form all it's own.