Favorite Youtube List

One of my favorites..Engels Coach Shop...woodworking..metal work..welding..jig making, and a lot more.
Mostly..no hollering..a gentleman...enjoy

I have seen a couple of these videos and I have enjoyed them immensely. Know nothing about that kind of work except for a little from The Woodwright's Shop and it was fascinating to see these items come to life.

I haven't succumbed to the Youtube bug yet. I almost never watch anything unless someone provides a specific link.
Since I have gotten into restoring radios and console stereos from the 1940's to the early 1960's my YouTube list reflects this.
I don't really have a favorite, the only thing I use YT for is to fix things that break... So far it has not let me down. Helped me fix a intermittent problem with my hot water heater in my RV that two local RV repair outfit, just could not figure out, after spending $200 letting them try, I referred to YT... First video up solved it, cost me $11 for the switch that was bad and 3 minutes to replace it... A few months ago it helped me fix my clothes washing machine for under $50. Would have cost me at least $300 to to have a repair person come to fix it. I usually refuse to use social sites that censor items that do not fit their political agenda,,,, but I just cannot afford give up on YT.
Here's a few favorites I watch regularly.

Matt and his wife do a weekly live discussion on youtube Tuesdays.

He got a pilot TV show on Magnolia "Hibbs shows you how"

He does live Q&A sessions on YouTube

He started a charity to help woodworkers with disabilities.

Started the weekend woodworker course

Just started watching his channel, not sure if he has any power tools

Mostly hand tools

Another woodworker from Canada

He's from the Netherlands. Has a China tools review series, quite a few interesting tools from banggood. Might take a bit to get used to his accent
So many great resources, but this thread has gotten lost in the archives. Just by luck it has resurfaced.

May I suggest a forum whereas only resources can be stored.

Something like Off Topic - but read only "RESOURCES"

Sub description - Cool Videos
Post the video thread there

Perhaps a thread for HARDWARE.
Sub description - Hardware
nuts, bolts, screws, hinges, hardware, etc.

Sub description - material sources
Wood, Plastic, HDU, Paints, Epoxies, Resins