Friday 2/16/2024

Wife took off this morning to spend the weekend stitching with friends. That leaves me alone with my girlfriends. :p You can count them on no hands.

Trying to think of some projects to turn for future articles.... First they have to be something interesting that other turners might enjoy. Second they have to be something I can turn. That narrows it down a bit.

Finally finished the 6000 pages of the Game of Thrones novels. Never read anything except the Bible that had as many characters. There were so many characters in those books that each book included an index at the back identifying each character and the family relationship. Sheesh it was confusing to keep track. In the GOT TV series they mercifully pared down the number of characters and even changed some names that were in the book that were confusing as other characters had similar names.

It was 67 yesterday so I went to the shop wearing a heavy vest and cut out my kukri blank. I have an uninsulated concrete floor in my shop so it stays cold in there until July. I still have to smooth out the contours of the concave surfaces but I did get all the convex surfaces cleaned up on my belt sander. Those ceramic belts I bought are the BOMB for cleaning up rough metal surfaces. Next is cleaning up the concave surfaces and grinding the bevels. This will be the largest knife I have built. Grinding the bevels could be a real challenge.

I don't really need a kukri but I think they are cool looking so I wanted to make one. Maybe it will become my watermelon knife. :D
Finishing up with my packing getting ready for move to North Carolina to be near my son.
Ran out of steam for today, so will likely have to finish a couple of more boxes in the shop when Jason arrives...
think he's planning to be here later today or tomorrow with a trailer for first load.... still waiting for final details on the house sale
which is suppose to close on the 26th.

Time for a nap now.
Sounds great Tom another year and we won't be babysitting so we are thinking a month or two in florida sounds great

Yesterday afternoon my daughter informed us we didn't have to babysit today so we made all kind of reservations and today we are in the Lancaster area of pa for elen to do some cruising around quilt
We chose the Morgantown area so tonight we can visit a fairly new casino
For those that know tomorrow is shady maple the largest buffet in America
Sunday we head over to the Bethlehem area to our original destination
Wind creek casino and hotel
If we knew a week ago we were free Friday we might had made a trip down south Thursday as we are free till the following monday
Not a biggie we are happy to be out of the house and trwvelling