OK, getting read to bite. I'm not sure I would use one enough to spend $500.00 or more. But this one: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Holy-Sto...t-Time-Color-White/295259782?adsRedirect=true
is on sale at the Walmart online site. Might have to capitulate to the Big Brother thing and register it though. 🤬
It will fly OK but the video quality will be very shaky and poor. For $80 more you can get a reputable name brand that will take MUCH better video:

As Brent said, you use your smart phone for the display. Here are a couple of pics showing the controller with the a phone:
DJI 1.jpg DJI 2.jpg

Having a display built into the controller is nice, but it adds to the price (and I know you're on a budget). My Mavic Mini also uses my phone as the display, and so far I've not had any problems using it with my iPhone.
The mini 2 i a great drone as is the mini 4k neither of which come with a display controller. Most people use their phone some will buy an inexpensive tablet if you don't want to tie up you phone you won't be able to get into a controller with a built in display in the price range you are looking @ for me it was a no brainier but I was already committed to going the route I went. and would not go back to not having a built in display. BTW the $lower cost (ryobe) drone you were looking @also needed to be hooked up to you phone to run also. It just the price you pay for wanting to get in the air.
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Thats like my drone where you have to hook your smart phone up to it to use as a display. I'd honestly recommend you get one with the display built in to the controller. Keeping the app updated and using the phone can be a bit finicky at times.
This is true, but ...... I bought this exact drone a couple of years ago and after a bit of putzing around, learning the ropes, I find it way exceeds my abilities to operate it and that is true regardless of what the display type is. In the hands of a person who does gaming and can operate the controls without looking, the Mini-2 is an excellent piece of kit, if a bit outdated. I like mine.
Thanks all. The product description does not explain all that. I'm still pondering whether to get one.
Here's one of my first attempts .... notice the jerky action, the lack of a plan for the video, the complete ignorance of anything related to videography technique ..... I'm in the running for the "worst videographer on Youtube" award. :)

This will give you an idea of what a basic Mini-2 video looks like. It's my house construction site prior to the pre-fab arriving. I'm the guy doing the video and the guy standing beside me is my excavation/septic contractor (about whom I cannot say enough great things!).