Guest cabin

Most of the siding went on today, still have to finish the front gable and facia on both gables. We’re expecting some storms tonight, but they say they will be back tomorrow.
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We’re also ready for spray foam, so hopefully we may see that crew by the end of the week.

The septic guy called and we may get on his schedule next week.

I’ve got some interior framing to finish before drywall, but may see if the guys want to finish it for me tomorrow if they come as the material is all there.

I’ll be starting on the decking and connecting up the main electrical feed this weekend, maybe trenching for the waterline, but I think my wife wants me to hold off on it a couple of weeks as we’re doing a celebration of life for her grandparents next week and doesn’t want the yard tore up.
It’s looking nice, really nice.
Keep up the good work!
When the contractors arrived this morning, the newly “self appointed” alarm system went off.
We have some geese that decided to hang out here for a few days.

The siding is done, and while they were here I talked them into finishing out the last of the interior framing so we can move on to spray foam.

The new lock set arrived, so threw it on over lunch. Shouldn’t need to hand out keys, and can lock/unlock remotely.

Will start on the decking next, need to add more joists for the composite decking, every 12” OC. Railing is still in the design department, debating on spindles or cables.
Have you considered these stock panels from tractor supply? Spray painted black, they don't look too bad, maybe country cottage/shabby sheek?... and they don't block the view quite so much as spindles. I guess the only draw back might be the young ones climbing on them, but they'll do that to cables too.
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Been looking at what is available here, looking more at the horse or sheep panels which are either 2x4 or 4x4 openings. They are certainly a lot cheaper than glass and other commercially available products.

Today I cleaned up all the scrap metal and wood, moved all the extra supplies to storage, installed drainage tile/tube, connected up the main power feed, added a few outlets, and got some outdoor lights up.
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Since we had a lot of family coming this past weekend I put down the left over roof sheeting on the deck for a floor.

Friday my 16 year old nephew helped me install some temporary railing.

He likes to build stuff and is pretty good at picking up what you show him. He wants to buy some rental properties and fix them up. So may get him back here this summer to help on a few projects.

The guest cabin was a big attraction, lots of family asking when they can come back.
Spray foam insulation went in today.
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They didn’t spray the concrete walls as my contractor forgot to tell them to do that. Oh well, will pickup a few sheets of ridgid foam to fix that.

I need to unload my cargo trailer and go pickup the tub/enclosure, some plumbing, probably some of the drywall too this weekend.

I may follow Glenn’s lead and put the mini splits up before the majority of the drywall, may help with dehumidifying from the drywall mud.

Still need to lay the decking.
So I’m still working on buttoning up plumbing stuff, seems like the framers knew just where I wanted to run things and put boards in the way. :)

I need to pickup a few connections and copper to finish the bathtub install, then get the gas line and water heater installed to run vents.

Installing the mini splits will happen next after that.
Eating this elephant one bite at a time. Today I finished up the shower faucet (again), I wasn’t quite happy with the connectors I used for the pex, so found the ones I had intended to use and re did it. I then finished the closet wiring and put up drywall in part of the mechanical closet. Then mounted the tankless water heater and proceeded to install its vent. Boy was that duct hard to get connected, it’s done, but took some work to get them to connect up.

Lastly I installed the bathroom fan vent and connected it up. Tomorrow’s project may be finishing the hot water connections and running gas line. Also ready for starting the mini splits.

Btw I heard a little struggle going on with one of the cardboard boxes. Our older cat had decided he wanted to lay in the smallest one in the room. :D
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So far this weekend I’ve gotten the tub/shower finished.

Been pressure testing the gas line. Found two leaks, luckily on the last connections I made outside. It’s setting and will check for loss in the morning. Turned out the gauge itself was leaking, so have the valve shut off and pumping up the gauge to the top before opening and checking for change.

Finished up the water lines for the hot water heater, ended up re-routing them higher.

I got about half the bathroom dry walled, then did a couple of sheets on the ceilings and the walls where the mini splits are getting installed (next, maybe tomorrow).