Guest cabin

Well, I decided to move forward with the mini splits, ordered two 9,000 btu units, 110v. Went with 1110v vs 220v mostly to save on breaker spaces, I only have 12 on the panel I bought. They are supposed to heat when it's down to -13 still. I ordered disconnects, wall mounts, electrical whips, piping trim and a new torque wrench and some open end crow foot wrenches for torqueing down the flare fittings. Seems most of these fail due to either under or over tightening the flair fittings and losing Freon. Total for the units and other items $2080

These are the units I bought:

I'll have to get my vacuum pump and manifold gauges from storage, but the outside unit comes pre-charged. Just have to vacuum out the lines and indoor unit once the connections are made, then release the freon for a quick pressure test. If all looks good after a few minutes, release the remaining and open both valves.

I also decided to go with a tankless propane water heater, non-condensating. 6.5 GPM, which is more than big enough for the single bath and kitchenette. The zero clearance ducting for it will make it an easy install, simply up and out the end gable wall. I'll still have gas line to install, about 15' total. The water supply for the cabin comes from the house, which will run through the water softener first. Probably will put a line filter in front of this too. This was $1000 total, including the ducting and service valves (for running vinegar through once or twice a year to descale).

This was the model:

That model can be fitted with a circulation pump too, not that I need one, to circulate the hot water on a schedule before morning showers to have instant hot water. They have a special valve that you can install at the far end of your house on the sink connections to retro fit it for existing lines. It basically used the cold water side as a return to just get warm water to the faucet.
Watching - I'd really like to get one of those for my shop.
I’ll let you know how the install goes. The reviews on the pioneer models have been pretty good overall.

So today I built a set of temporary stairs, I may re-use parts of them in the end, but planning on a platform coming out and turing the stairs to the right. Kind of thinking we could do a ramp there instead, for easy access from the driveway.


The left side, I’m looking for a long slide to attach for the kiddos to slide down to the playground area.

I ran more wire trying to finish up, but ran out of wire. Will get more tomorrow, maybe pickup decking too.
Picked up more wire and decking today.

I have to be honest, tying down a stack of slippery composite decking is tricky, didn’t lose any, but certainly kept my foot out of the accelerator on the way home.

Wiring wise, I got all of the home runs made back to the panel. Still have the living room and bathroom lights to finish wiring and run the main feeder

The guys should be back tomorrow to get the siding going.
Must have been too good of fishing weather and have rain today and most of Thursday and Friday, maybe we’ll see the guys tomorrow to hang siding.

I used all but 10’ of a new 250’ roll finishing up lights and home runs last night. I still need to mount two fan boxes and pickup another LED puck light to mount its control box. I’ll probably run the main feed tonight and have it ready to install once they have siding done at the entrance location, and then tidy up the panel and finish connections.
The mini splits got picked up after my wife’s dr. appointment today.

As you can see, we’re still waiting for the guys to come back and install siding. I’m beginning to think they don’t work on mondays. :huh: :dunno:

I have one light controller to install, but just waiting for siding to finish electrical. I’m starting plumbing tomorrow night. I’ll work on decking when that is done. May start trenching the water line from the house if the weather stays nice though.
The guys came today and worked on the soffits and installed the door. I had to run ad get new soffit material for the porch as there wasn’t enough in the order, and some of it was damaged.
4DE21F76-7637-4B90-A081-6E776A42C7AE.jpeg 3564BE4E-D563-4B34-A438-F33CA27507A0.jpeg 3904AF94-BE9F-40C6-A845-9EAD63BD0F37.jpeg 099DCE18-F60D-49BF-BBCA-53BC086D1069.jpeg
Hopefully siding starts tomorrow, but it appears we’re short on the blue J moulding. I ordered more this afternoon, but it may not come for a couple of weeks. The last time I ordered more, it was in the very next day, but we shall see. They’ll hopefully get some key areas done so I can finish electrical and other projects to keep things moving along.

I started water lines and am almost done, just need a fitting and a few more feet of pex. Hopefully will pick it up tomorrow and some lumber to frame around the concrete walls, then be ready for spray foam.
Most of the siding went on today, still have to finish the front gable and facia on both gables. We’re expecting some storms tonight, but they say they will be back tomorrow.

We’re also ready for spray foam, so hopefully we may see that crew by the end of the week.

The septic guy called and we may get on his schedule next week.

I’ve got some interior framing to finish before drywall, but may see if the guys want to finish it for me tomorrow if they come as the material is all there.

I’ll be starting on the decking and connecting up the main electrical feed this weekend, maybe trenching for the waterline, but I think my wife wants me to hold off on it a couple of weeks as we’re doing a celebration of life for her grandparents next week and doesn’t want the yard tore up.