Guest cabin

A bit more progress today. They worked through lunch and cut out early, after finishing the gable eaves and sheeting all the walls and half the roof.
2023-03-10 14.52.21.jpg 2023-03-10 14.53.06.jpg 2023-03-10 14.53.48.jpg

Can really see things starting to take shape and spaces get defined now.
2023-03-10 14.55.02.jpg

I sat down with my wife and went over the electrical/lighting plan and agreed on everything. I've got a list of about 125 items in my shopping cart to pickup tomorrow for electrical alone, and still thinking of things to add.
I picked up about $1100 in electrical yesterday. I over ordered on wire and a few other things as I'll use them on the garage and house, but boy have prices gone up. :thud:

Tonight I worked on installing fan boxes and the main control boxes for the LED puck lights on the porch. The contractor suggested they go up now rather than after the soffit is installed there.

I also ran some CAT6 cable for my internet repeater/bridge, and a few outdoor cameras on the porch. I still need to add a couple of boxes for outlets for string and yard lights my wife has requested, controlled by switches inside.
Today we got dried in, roof is on and windows are installed.held off on the door until I get decking installed.
EDC3B9AB-167F-4C22-A643-85C08CA86A1B.jpeg 1DDE9236-B281-44EE-9270-0F76A7302FC9.jpeg

I spent some time this evening installing electrical boxes and drilling studs for wire. I’ll work on that for the next few nights. I should have an HVAC guy coming to give suggestions/quotes for that this week.
It looks like he has windows and doors in for another job he’s been waiting to get paid on, so may not see them again until next week.
Any chance of the contractor pouring you a rat slab?
Wasn’t on the estimate, but I was thinking about enclosing it. We actually have 3 extra pieces of the gray roof metal, thought I could use it for the panels. However, I was also eyeing it and the 2 extra 6x6x14’s for maybe a lean-to on the back of the garage for parking the tractor under. 🤔
Tonight I got most of the outlet and switch boxes wired. Hung the panel in the main living area, but after some measuring, found I had just enough feed wire (hopefully) to move it to the closet in the bedroom. I still need to do light and fan boxes and mount led controllers. Then make all the runs and connections to the panel.
9A510BED-8AEC-4E8E-B114-4D8EEFB655E6.jpeg DE2E956A-AD30-479E-8F32-9578A7748039.jpeg A28303B4-5FD2-418E-A420-C3F9143F8635.jpeg 41F8E6E0-663F-441E-AE63-A045B8E2CF29.jpeg EC6CAD44-F0CB-4853-9F5B-BBE2C0E640B3.jpeg 77940BC0-2C80-444F-8F8E-B318A8EE2C65.jpeg

I will need to get some stairs built so my wife can come do final inspection. The tv power outlets are higher than I think I’ll need them, but will let her make the final call if they stay that height (5’) or lower them.
I called a couple of HVAC contractors today to get quotes and left messages. One called back and was talking to him about the time the other showed up to check out our project, luckily they didn't both show up at the same time. The one that called is going to try and make it by tomorrow. I am looking at forced air unit, 90% or better.

The first one quoted me a 95% efficient, 60,000 btu furnace and 1.5 ton AC unit, running new gas line to the propane tank. The whole time he was kicking mini-splits to the ground and how crappy they were, and that he wouldn't service them. I also asked him to quote a water heater, 40 gallon.

His quotes were $12,500 for the furnace and gas line, and $1,600 for the water heater. :eek:

Now I'm not an expert, but I can get the furnace, A-coil, and 1.5 ton AC for about $3500. He's putting it on a metal box for the return, sticking a single 6' trunk on it that will go up into the attic and have 4 to 5 flex lines running to the register boxes. The gas line is a poly material and runs about like pex does, so easy peasy. I don't see where he's coming up with this price. I'm thinking $5,000 - $7,000 max.

Next the water tank is just a basic gas/propane 40 gallon tank, probably $250 - $400, some pipe to run and vent to the roof and connect to the same gas line as the furnace. Again, maybe $600 - $700 max.

We'll see what the quotes from the guy tomorrow will be.

At this point I've been reviewing mini-splits and looking at about $1,600 for two and probably a circulation fan setup for the bathroom (besides it's exhaust fan), just to keep the temps balanced. If I can find a small air handler with a filter for circulating air between all the rooms, I may only do one mini-split for the overall size of the cabin.
Well, funny thing is I've had them out to work on the house heat pump and the boiler, they are pretty reasonable cost wise for service. They gave us a similar quote for doing the upstairs of the house. It was going to be a lot of work running ducts and such, didn't figure this one would be near that much with it all being new construction and wide open.